Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer Fun

I was out back taking pictures of my jewelry while Lucas was playing, and I could not help but to snap a few of him too. He loves playing outside.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Zoo

We went to the zoo today and Had a great time. Lucas was way into the animals and most all of them were visible. Here are a few pic's from the day.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

King of the Castle!!

Lucas got a castle from some good friends of ours parents. They gave him a smaller little tikes play gym last year and now this. It is so nice of them to pass us there grand kids toys that they don't use anymore. Lucas is in love with his castle. Even the dogs will go in it. he goes inside and calls "pearl. pear, hugo" of course it's more like "bowl, ooogo" but they know what he means. I'm sure there will be a lot of pic's in and around the castle to come. He loves being in the back yard. We got him a picnic table the next day after the castle and i had just picked him up a crafts man kids tool bench a couple days before from a garage sael f0or $5! So he has all of that plus a couple big bouncy ball, a set of golf clubs, a basket ball hoop, and a hammock. So I guess whats not to love. all we need now is some patio furniture for mama and dada so we can be a lil more comfortable while were out there all day.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

So it turns out i'm really terrible

Ya I guess I didn't take any pictures the whole time we were in Oregon except for a few on my phone. so I guess thats all your gonna get.
The trip it's self was pretty messy. On the way to Oregon we got stuck in Cheyenne Wyoming from about 11pn until 1:30 in the afternoon the next day due to a snowstorm. that threw a kink in our plans! We had planned to drive straight through or at least not stop that soon, or stay that long. Lucas did great in the car, we stopped often and let him and the dogs play. Aside from our unexpected stay in Wyoming it was pretty smooth. Here are the two pictures I took on our drive out.

Lucas felt right at home in Oregon and enjoyed being on the go all the time. He did well with the adjustment to the new location, and was a trooper with every kink i threw his way. He loves loves loves his papas and nanas! Well he loves all the family, but he looks for his papa's and nanas daily still at our house. It's pretty hard having to explain that one so often. I am hoping someone got some pictures that I'll be able to post and have of Lucas with family since I failed.

He got to have some time away from mama and dada while in Eugene. He spent time with papa and nana Baker and papa and nana Westerkamp. Both houses got a through Lucas beating. I think he did pretty good but things just happen with a little one. He did well with all the dogs and really enjoyed seeing everyone. Lucas's vocabulary was growing like crazy while we were there too, He was spouting out new words and even some sentences every day.

The day before we were supposed to leave Lucas was not doing very well. He crawled up behind me on the couch and just went to sleep in the middle of the day. I decided he needed to go see a doctor as he was sicker than I'd ever seen him before. So Uncle John, Aunt Taylor and my self all took him to urgent care where I found out he had a double ear infection. So I canceled our flights home for the next morning and did what I could to help the lil man feel better. It was horrible, we have been very lucky with Lucas he is a healthy kid. seeing him hurting so bad was terrible. Here is a picture from when he fell asleep on the couch that day.

So with that happening we knew we had to change plans...
While I was still trying to figure out how the rest of our trip was going to play out. My grandma Teresa ended up being hospitalized due to some kind of an asthma attack, well they never really gave her a straight answer on exactly what happened but the bottom line is she quit breathing and had to be taken in via ambulance and spent I believe 3 days in the hospital. So after they got out of the hospital they drove back to Oregon from Arizona. Lucas and I were going to go there originally but with everything that happened this ended up worknig better for everyone. Lucas and i stayed with them while they were in town. He didn't break anything that i know of, however he did pee on there carpet ... twice! Yikes!

During the time between gran and gramp getting to Oregon Easter came along. That morning the Easter bunny had left Lucas some cool gifts. (thank you papa and nana) We went to Cresswell to my aunt carols for dinner. Lucas did great hunting the eggs and other goodies they got for him. Then we went back to my dad and barbs house and ate again. It was a nice Easter!

I know there is a lot I left out and with my lack of pictures this is a horrible post but i guess that will have to do. If anyone has any pictures they can email me I will gladly add them.

The last day we were in town my dad thought it woudl be fun to take Lucas and I to a ducks football practice. He was right! I loved watching them and Lucas did pretty well. He slept through part of it, but he did watch quite a bit too. I even had to do some fancy footwork to get Lucas out of the way of a receiver catching the football. We were right on the sidelines. I wish we could do that more often. Thanks dad for the great idea we enjoyed it a lot! On our way out of the practice we saw Coach Bellotti on the sidelines. I got star struck and kept walking but my dad shook his hand and told him good luck. Then when we were a ways down the field I said "I should see if he'd take a picture with Lucas" So I went bakc and asked him and he was very nice and even went along with it when my dad handed him Lucas. i don't think he was expecting that one, lol. Lucas says "Go DUCKS" but He had just woken up from his little nap and wasn't buying it when I asked him to say it. Oh also this is kind of funny. At the end of the practice Coach Kelly pulled the guys in to the middle of the field and was talking to them. there were a lot of people in this building and you could only here coach Kelly and probably a pin drop. Anyway Lucas was napping and decided to wake up ... he started to wine (quietly) so I about panicked trying to keep him quiet. Pacing the sidelines to keep him quiet. Honestly I was heading straight for the door, but Lucas decided to spare me the embarrassment and keep it down. I bet my heart skipped as few beats though. Here are the pic's of Lucas with Bellotti. I sure wish i had taken some of him with his papa at the practice.

So after practice Dad took us to Mucho Gusto and Uncle John met us there. We had a nice lunch headed back to the house got Lucas ready to fly, checked out uncle johns new tattoo! Barb came home and they took us to the airport. It was quite the scene to watch me try to handle two bags a carry on and a baby. My dad walked me in but I forgot you have to drag the dang things to security now and told him we'd be fine once we were in line. We managed and made it to our gate. We got an extra seat next to me on both flights which was great. If I had to keep him on my lap the whole time it woudl have been a horrible flight I'm sure. The take off's and landings were very rough but we made it home. Here is a pic of Lucas sitting in his own seat on the plane ... and ya he has a sucker, i was trying anything to keep him happy!

I know ... I'm terrible

So I have a lot of catching up to do ... I know it. It may be a while before that happens, so for now here are a few pictures i took the other day. Lucas was walking around with his dada's slippers on. He loves to wear our shoes! Really he does quite well, maybe he will be a future cross country skier.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Just some Pic's

I have some updating to do but for now here are a few new pic's we took today. Lucas has had a cold so his little cheecks are all red. we've been putting Vaseline on them often but it still looks pretty bad. Anyway we were having fun with the camera.