Saturday, May 1, 2010

King of the Castle!!

Lucas got a castle from some good friends of ours parents. They gave him a smaller little tikes play gym last year and now this. It is so nice of them to pass us there grand kids toys that they don't use anymore. Lucas is in love with his castle. Even the dogs will go in it. he goes inside and calls "pearl. pear, hugo" of course it's more like "bowl, ooogo" but they know what he means. I'm sure there will be a lot of pic's in and around the castle to come. He loves being in the back yard. We got him a picnic table the next day after the castle and i had just picked him up a crafts man kids tool bench a couple days before from a garage sael f0or $5! So he has all of that plus a couple big bouncy ball, a set of golf clubs, a basket ball hoop, and a hammock. So I guess whats not to love. all we need now is some patio furniture for mama and dada so we can be a lil more comfortable while were out there all day.

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kurt and kari said...

LOVING this castle - so cute!
how was your mama's day?