Friday, July 31, 2009

Things are changing so fast now ...

Today Lucas was practicing walking back and forth between daddy and my self and several times made it all the way (about 5 steps each way) he was very proud of him self as were mommy and daddy! I am trying to get a decent video of this but it's hard because i want to see him too so i end up cutting part of him out of the video while I'm paying attention to him and not the camera. It is so amazing how quickly things are changing these days.

I don't think i mentioned he got his upper left molar partially in while we were in Eugene and since we've gotten home i can see the bottom two molars coming through. they are about to break the skin so i am sure he is in some pain. He is handling it like a champ though, just a little bit of whimpering in his sleep.

The last note i wanted to add was that i have been teaching Lucas what a monkey says. and he also eats bananas for breakfast so i always tell him "monkeys eat bananas, what does a monkey say" and the other morning when he saw me coming towards him with his banana he started making the monkey noise 'ooh oooh ooh' it was pretty cute needless to say. I am trying to get that on video as well but he just does the cutesdt stuff all the time i'd have to have the thing out all day.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oh my Oh my

Lucas climbed up on the love seat this morning! Pearl and Hugo were laying on it and i guess he decided he wanted to be with them. It was pretty crazy to see him up there. And just when i thought i had the downstairs child proofed .... yikes!

Also he has figured out how to go down the stairs. He's been going up them for a long time but now he's got the down part too. He climbs down feet first on his belly. he's still pretty unstable going down but going up is a breeze. of course i am right there to catch no matter which way he is going. It's pretty cute to see him turn around to go down the stairs because sometimes he miss judges how far he is from the stairs and scoots backwards for quite a while. it cracks me up! I'll try to get it on video.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

12 month check up

Lucas had his 12 month check up and shots today. I know it's a little late i usually do it right on the date but since we were in Oregon i didn't schedule the app until after we got back. It all went good, the doctor said he is doing great. He was 30 and a 1/4 inches tall, 80th percentile. 26 lbs and 11 oz. which puts him in the 92nd percentile for that. He was also in the 92nd percentile for his head size. They gave him 4 shots, it was pretty hard on him. I had to hold his hands while they did it, poor lil guy I felt so bad knowing he doesn't understand why I was letting someone hurt him. He stopped crying as soon as i picked him up, and fell asleep on the way home. I'm sure it took a lot out of him. Hopefully I can make the rest of his day a lot better.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Lucas got a wagon for his birthday! He loves the wagon and we go walk pretty much every night with him in it. But he also loves the box! here are a few videos of us all playing with the box.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lucas's 2nd First Birthday!

Lucas Got two birthday parties this year since we were in Oregon close enough to celebrate. but when we got home we threw a party on his actual birthday. We have a small BBQ With our friends out here. The cake was cute as can be and so was the birthday boy! He had a lot of fun and got some great loot!

Monday, July 13, 2009

It's a bird ... it's a plane ... nope it's SUPER LUCAS

This picture deserves a spot of it's own! Thank you aunt Jane for the awesome super man cape! This picture turned out pretty cool. It's a good thing Lucas likes to be thrown up cause we did it a few times to get a good one

This one was with out the cape but still turned out pretty neat.

Nice shooting aunt Taylor

Sunday, July 12, 2009

12 month photo shoot!

Well as we all know i like to have Lucas's pic's taken monthly. I think now that he is one that will slow up a bit. and I'm still waiting on the 11 month photos from aunt Taylor but I'm sure I'll get them up soon. anyway here he is at 12 months! There are a lot ... but i just can't help my self.

my first ... 1st birthday

He kept this hat on for a long time. and actually did very well with it. He also had a monkey attached to his belt loop.

With his grandma Linda

Hunter, Maddelyn, Liam and Lucas playing. Hunter and maddelyn are my best friend Mindy's kids and Liam is My cousins Kari and Kurts lil boy.

Everyone was singing happy birthday, and he was into it. just looking around trying to figure out why everyone was singing.

Oh ya frosting!!

Chillen with his Grandpa mark

Lovin on aunt Taylor

Kisses for mama

Some of the decorations. you can't see all the apes i had hanging from the ceiling but you can get the idea. it looked prety cute in the house

Since we were in Oregon close enough to Lucas's first birthday we had a party there for him so the whole family could be involved. It was a very nice party and Lucas got lots of goodies! Thank you to all who attended! And also a thank you to my dad and barb for letting us throw it at there house and for buying Lucas's cake!