Friday, July 31, 2009

Things are changing so fast now ...

Today Lucas was practicing walking back and forth between daddy and my self and several times made it all the way (about 5 steps each way) he was very proud of him self as were mommy and daddy! I am trying to get a decent video of this but it's hard because i want to see him too so i end up cutting part of him out of the video while I'm paying attention to him and not the camera. It is so amazing how quickly things are changing these days.

I don't think i mentioned he got his upper left molar partially in while we were in Eugene and since we've gotten home i can see the bottom two molars coming through. they are about to break the skin so i am sure he is in some pain. He is handling it like a champ though, just a little bit of whimpering in his sleep.

The last note i wanted to add was that i have been teaching Lucas what a monkey says. and he also eats bananas for breakfast so i always tell him "monkeys eat bananas, what does a monkey say" and the other morning when he saw me coming towards him with his banana he started making the monkey noise 'ooh oooh ooh' it was pretty cute needless to say. I am trying to get that on video as well but he just does the cutesdt stuff all the time i'd have to have the thing out all day.

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Taylor said...

i wouldn't mind if you had it all day and caught all those moments :)