Saturday, December 27, 2008

Laughing with daddy

This is a video I took of Lucas laughing, he is very ticklish on his legs tummy and back. he will crack up if you pretend to nibble on him.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008

We spent Christmas in Eugene this year which was such a blessing. I am so happy that we were able to make this happen. It was so nice being with everyone for the holidays. Lucas was such a good boy all day on Christmas he only took one nap and didn't fuss much at all. It was a very busy day for us. We started on Christmas eve eve, by going to George and Linda's house to stay the night. we had dinner with them and slept there. Christmas eve is Linda's birthday so we went to lunch with them and then came back and did Christmas presents with all of our family there. Lucas's great grandparents ralph and betty were able to make it to stay the niught too. I forgot my camera so no pictures from there, but we had a nice time. Lucas enjoyed all the love and attention and also the kisses from uncle grants dog nash. Then that evening we went back to my dads house and played cards. The next morning .... Christmas, we got up and did our gifts there, with my dad, barb, Grandma and grandpa williams, michael, taylor, john, greg, lucas, and myself. Lucas got all kinds of goodies from everyone. When we were finished there we went to cottage grove to my uncle clent and aunt cheri's house to do christmas with all of our family there. Then we went to my grandmas house back in eugene to do christmas with family there, then last we went to taylor and john's house to do christmas with family there. Lucas has a lot of great family and got to spend a whoile day seeing almost everyone of them! it was a long but great day.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Great Grandpas

Unfortunately this is the only picture i have of this evening. But we had a get together for Taylor and James birthday at my dads. Of course Lucas was passed all over the place all evening but i happened to catch this special moment where he is with his great grandpa Norman and his great grandpa James. I think this is such a neat photo.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

5 months!!

Lucas is 5 months now! He is getting so big so fast! He is sitting up pretty well, and talking like crazy. he has also recently started a giggle that is amazingly cute. We left for Eugene on December 10th so lucas s0ent his 5 months birthday with his grandpa mark, Aunt Taylor and myself. His grandpa bought him his stylin polo outfit for the photos.

Monday, December 15, 2008

I can sit up!

Lucas, is sitting up now with out squishing his stomach as much. He likes to be sitting up vs. laying down. So still no rolling over I know he has the strength to do it it just hasn't happened yet. I'm also adding a couple other photos to this posting that are just cute. these were all taken on the same day.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

High and Tight

I cut Lucas' hair yesterday. I had trimmed a little before but this was his first major cut. i did a little of it with electric trimmers then cut the rest while he was sleeping with scissors

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

20 Weeks!!!

When i realized it was a 20 week marker today I kept thinking why does that sound familiar... then it hit me. 20 weeks was half way through my pregnancy, so Lucas has now been in our lives for half the amount of time i was pregnant. I remember 20 weeks was a big deal to hit when i was pregnant, as far as health for the baby and just being half way to having a baby in your life. Also it was right around this time that we found out Lucas was ... well Lucas, we had our ultrasound to find out the sex and named him. This is the point in the pregnancy it became very real to me. i could no longer call him "the fetus" it was a baby to me now and he had a name! At 20 weeks Lucas is doing great! He is a very happy baby, and is really talking a lot now. He loves to tell us stories! He is eating oatmeal in the morning, and sweet potatoes in the evening and doing great with both. We have been putting him in the jumparoo to work his leg muscles and he's figured out that it's pretty fun. I try to do tummy time with him, how ever he is still not that fond of laying on his stomach so no rolling over yet. he does enjoy sitting up (with my help) alot so i think that will probably come first for him. Also He loves music, I can sing pretty much anything and bring him to a smile, but his favorites right now are skittlemarink (i'm sure thats not how you spell that) and baby balooga which i have changes to baby balucas. there are hand motions to both songs so i hold his hands and help him through it and he loves it.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving week 2008

This week we had a few things happen ... I started making baby food, ( sweet potatoes). Lucas got a little taste and liked them a lot but I'm going to try to wait a little longer until we give them to him full time. We took Lucas to Kobe's steak house which is a resturaunt where they cook in front of you and do tricks. Lucas was pretty interested in watching the guy however he let out a cry that everyone in the restaurant heard when the chef lit the grill ... i felt bad for lucas, but he calmed down pretty quick. We borrowed a jumparoo from Kristi and have been getting Lucas acquainted with that. He is a little small for it but he actually does very well with it. Kelly came to see us for the week, so we all went and did a few things around town. We went to the cosomosphere, the hutch zoo, did a little bit of shopping and had a great thanksgiving. We are all getting excited to see everyone in oregon for the holidays. I cna't believe it's only 11 days away. I'm sure we will have a busy week ahead of us getting ready to go.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

a morning with cereal

these are the pictures we took the same morning we did the rice cereal video.

4 month photo shoot

for Lucas's 4 month photos we decided to do a train theme. We went to one of the rail yards greg used to work at.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

4 month check up

Lucas had his 4 month check up today, it went well. The doctor said he is a healthy strong boy, shook my hand and told me congratulations. He weighed 19lbs 6oz. and was 27 inches long. so he is in the 97th percentile on weight and height. His head was 17 1/2 inches and he passed all the physical tests they did to him. They also gave him three shots which he was not to happy about but he only screamed when she was doing them and he stopped right after she was done! what a strong boy! The only thing we need to work on is getting him to role over, the doc said he would probably be a little late on that because he is so big. But over all he had a good check up.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

16 weeks

I shot this on Lucas's 16 week birthday which was November 5th. When i made it i had myspace in mind so thats why i only mention a few people. they are all people who have myspace accounts. how ever it was too cute to not put on here. He is very smiley! We love to do goofy things to get one out of him.

Friday, November 7, 2008

eating his toys

I took this video a couple days ago, I thought it was pretty cute. I gave him these toys for the first time and he must have thought they were something yummy to eat. well you can see for your self.

Friday, October 31, 2008


Lucas got dressed up as a ghost for Halloween. We wanted to find a monkey costume but never found a good one that woudl fit him so e went pretty basic with this white ghost onsie. Greg was out fo town for the weekend finally getting to have a little fun with his friends so Lucas and I went trick or treating with our friends Tina, Jay and Harrison. It was fun walking around the neighborhood with him, although he got very heavy after a while. I thought I would carry him instead of bringing the stroller.... not a good idea!