Wednesday, December 3, 2008

20 Weeks!!!

When i realized it was a 20 week marker today I kept thinking why does that sound familiar... then it hit me. 20 weeks was half way through my pregnancy, so Lucas has now been in our lives for half the amount of time i was pregnant. I remember 20 weeks was a big deal to hit when i was pregnant, as far as health for the baby and just being half way to having a baby in your life. Also it was right around this time that we found out Lucas was ... well Lucas, we had our ultrasound to find out the sex and named him. This is the point in the pregnancy it became very real to me. i could no longer call him "the fetus" it was a baby to me now and he had a name! At 20 weeks Lucas is doing great! He is a very happy baby, and is really talking a lot now. He loves to tell us stories! He is eating oatmeal in the morning, and sweet potatoes in the evening and doing great with both. We have been putting him in the jumparoo to work his leg muscles and he's figured out that it's pretty fun. I try to do tummy time with him, how ever he is still not that fond of laying on his stomach so no rolling over yet. he does enjoy sitting up (with my help) alot so i think that will probably come first for him. Also He loves music, I can sing pretty much anything and bring him to a smile, but his favorites right now are skittlemarink (i'm sure thats not how you spell that) and baby balooga which i have changes to baby balucas. there are hand motions to both songs so i hold his hands and help him through it and he loves it.

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kurt and kari said...

sooo sweet!!!
can NOT beleive he is 20 weeks... you are right - that was the BIG ULTRASOUND time!
what a trip!
he is so cute :)