Sunday, July 12, 2009

my first ... 1st birthday

He kept this hat on for a long time. and actually did very well with it. He also had a monkey attached to his belt loop.

With his grandma Linda

Hunter, Maddelyn, Liam and Lucas playing. Hunter and maddelyn are my best friend Mindy's kids and Liam is My cousins Kari and Kurts lil boy.

Everyone was singing happy birthday, and he was into it. just looking around trying to figure out why everyone was singing.

Oh ya frosting!!

Chillen with his Grandpa mark

Lovin on aunt Taylor

Kisses for mama

Some of the decorations. you can't see all the apes i had hanging from the ceiling but you can get the idea. it looked prety cute in the house

Since we were in Oregon close enough to Lucas's first birthday we had a party there for him so the whole family could be involved. It was a very nice party and Lucas got lots of goodies! Thank you to all who attended! And also a thank you to my dad and barb for letting us throw it at there house and for buying Lucas's cake!

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kurt and kari said...

;) great pics - we miss you already!