Wednesday, July 23, 2008

week one

We were lucky enough to have my dad and sister here for Lucas's first 10 days. It ended up perfect there flight came in the evening i had him. It was so nice having them there to help and just to get to spend time with them and see them with Lucas. the 10 days they were here went by sooo fast. Lucas and i didn't get out of the house too much since i had a c-section and Lucas being a newborn, but my dad and sis go to go see some stuff while they were here. They went to several zoo's and ventured around places I've not even been to yet. Mostly we just hung out played cards and googled over Lucas. Taylor has a photography buisness so she took a lot of pictures of lucas when she was here. We even went to the hutch zoo and did a one week photo shoot. Lucas slept through pretty much all of it but it was fun to get out of the house and show him off a bit.

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