Friday, February 6, 2009

Lucas & Huck

Today Lucas and i went out to Nickerson to meet Huck and his mommy Marah. The boys had a good time playing and Marah and i had a lot to talk about. Huck was born 6 days before Lucas and they both weigh about the same so they are very compatible lil boys. We started the play date off by introducing them at Marah and Huck's house then we went to the Hutchinson Zoo and finished the date off at a park where the boys were able to swing for a while. They both crashed in the car on the way home.


kurt and kari said...

Ok, they are really CUTE together.
how come Liam is already jealous of Huck?!?
j/k - it's really great that he has a playmate Tiff, and that you have a mom going through the exact same things living so close to you!!

kurt and kari said...

OH - btw... SO impressed that you have shoes on him... REAL shoes!!!

AND ... is he SITTING UP ON HIS OWN?!?!?!? excellent!

keep up the great work!