Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lions and Tigers and ..... Monkeys ????

We had a great Halloween!
We started it off by taking a few pic's of our lil monkey at our house. We couldn't resist putting his duck jersey on even though it didn't really go with it at all. it was game day and it was a big game so we couldn't mess with that. So he was an Oregon monkey!

Then we met up with some of our friends who's lil guy is a couple months older then Lucas. He was dressed up as mickey mouse. and we all went to the Hutchinson zoo to trick or treat. We took Lucas in his wagon, and i dressed it up a bit for the occasion. i put some green fabric over the top and cut it a lil to somewhat look like leaves, and he was equipped with bananas and a few other monkey stuffed animals to keep him company. I swear the whole town was at the zoo. It was packed! We had a good time cruzin through. Lucas attracted a lot of attention, he even got his picture taken for the radio stations web page.

After the zoo we headed to get some pizza and bananas! we went back home and ate our dinner, then headed out to trick or treat the neighborhood.

one last shot with momma.

We got done about 8:30 and Lucas was in a great mood the whole time. It was a long day for him and he was a trooper. Lucas headed off to bed and then Greg and i watched the Ducks stomp USC. it doesn't get much better! We just had so much fun taking our lil guy out and about. he was so funny doing his monkey noise all day. and watching his reflection in what ever he could find it in.


kurt and kari said...

AWESOME costume!! i love the tail!!!
and GREAT work on the wagon, he is going to love looking at these pics when he gets older! lucky little boy with such a good mama!

good to talk to you tonight - will call u this week when i get more details :)!!

Taylor said...

Your aunt tater will be there before you now it, and you better watch out.. You have been squirming away from the computer lately, and when I am there... there will be no squirming anywhere. :)

You are the cutest little monkey I have ever seen. I can't wait to just hang out with you. Don't grow anymore until we get there okay?