Monday, November 9, 2009

Fall Fun

It's been an unusual fall out here in Kansas. the weather has been nice sunny and in the 70's. so we've had some time to get out and play. These are just a few shots of Lucas enjoying the leaves. He thinks it's great fun to stomp on them and listen to them crackle.

also having nothing to do with Lucas at all, Hugo got attacked by some sort or I'm assuming wasp and his whole face swelled up. I cannot resist putting the pic's up. Trust me at the moment this was no laughing matter, the pictures don't even show how bad it really has. but this not being his first run in with wasps i knew what to do and he was back to normal by the next day. and now that he is fine i find the pictures to be quite amusing.

1 comment:

kurt and kari said...

CUTE Lucas...
POOR Hugo :(