Saturday, May 16, 2009

10 months!!

Well I was thinking before i started writing this that there wasn't much to tell everyone because he hasn't changed that much. but when i went back and read his 9 month post i can see that i must not have been thinking very much, lol. Lucas Is still doing great! he is one happy healthy boy. He puts him self in a sitting position from laying down and crawls on his hands and knees too, he still prefers the army crawl when he is tired though. The stairs are basically no big deal to him now he just fly's up them. and he pulls him self up to a stand on everything with ease. His new thing that i love is blowing kisses. it's not always perfect but it is still just the sweetest thing. We are both very excited to be going back to oregon here in a couple weeks, so we have been preparing for that. I'm getting all the stuff ready to celebrate his first birthday while we are there. Man does time fly!


Julie said... did that happen? Happy 10 months lil man! Cant wait to see you guys...miss you!

kurt and kari said...

I have been trying to leave a comment on this post for a couple days now, and keep getting interupted...
I can NOT believe TEN months!!! WOW... longer on the outside than on the inside! how crazy is that?!?
his little smile is so sweet :)