Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a great memorial day weekend. We started our day out happy as can be playing and Lucas did a lil lovin on the dish washer. He loves that thing.

Then we went to the zoo in Salina, had lunch and wen to Kohls to do some shopping.

The next morning Lucas played with his puppies! He sure does love them!

Then later that day Lucas got to play in his new pool. When we first put him in he crawled out in a hurry! It was pretty funny. we warmed the water but it must have still been cold on him. But he loved it after that.

then to top it off We had Lasagna for dinner which is one of Lucas's favorites! Over all it was a great weekend and We all had a great time spending time together.

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kurt and kari said...

omg..that lasagne face is too cute!
my mom and i are looking at the blog together - and loving it! the pool pic was cute + the video was fun, looks like he was LOVING his new pool!
and WHEN did he get all that hair??? no more baby hair... its little boy hair now!!!
k. and auntie m.