Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day one in Oregon .... My Grandpa got married!!!!!

I am so happy to say that my dad and barb got married! Lucas and I were there to see it all. it was such a nice day and a beautiful ceremony.

Lucas with grandpa before the wedding

Happy to see his grandpa!

The happy couple! and somehow lucas got in the pic.

We got some new family with the marriage too, here is lucas's uncle curtis. Michael was there too but i didn't get a pic of him.

Our new lil family! We went to olive garden after the ceremony and had lunch together. It was all around a great family day.

Congratulations Barbara and Mark!!!


Julie said...

congratulations to your daddy and Barb...Im so happy for them! It was good to see you, wanna get dinner sometime this week?

kurt and kari said...

CONGRATS to the newlyweds!! Fantastic :) everyone looks so happy!